Just In Case Solutions Reviews

What people are saying about the Just In Case Solutions workbook…

Easy Steps And Organized!
“I recently bought these workbooks for myself and my husband, my parents, and my mother-in-law. Having seen family struggle with finding and digging through information with the loss of loved ones, I needed a solution so this doesn’t happen! I am so grateful that there is an easy and organized solution! I can’t wait to dig into these workbooks to get organized with all of my personal information! It’s going to be a great winter project!”
Got one for everyone in my family!
“Love it! So helpful…a proactive way to gather pertinent information that no one really wants to address until it’s too late!! Thanks Wendy for putting this system on paper and sharing your knowledge!!” _ Rachel

This is an awesome planning and organizational tool!! Highly recommend!

“This is a great tool to get organized for your future. I love that it even has a section to keep your user name and passwords for your credit cards, social media accounts, etc. This would be a life saver if you lost your wallet or had to call all your accounts to alert of identity theft. So many uses to prepare for future with lots of helpful ideas and planning guides. I highly recommend!!!!” _ Jimmy
Brilliantly organized

“This book is brilliant! I didn’t even know how much I really needed it until I saw all her details. She thought of everything and more. I bought one for all my family members!” _ Donna M Johnson

“Got the book today, a bit surprised, expecting more of a reading book instead of “Playbook”. My kids and family are spread out all over, from Vermont to Texas to N.Carolina and “unfortunately” one in Mass. This is going to be more helpful than I could have imagined and make things pretty simple for whoever will have to “carry the torch” when the time comes. Excellant work and many thanks.” ~ Ed
This workbook is AMAZING!!

“Once we retired, it was time to record and organize our important documents into one location. Filling out Just In Case Solutions, we were surprised that many items we had were in various locations and we were not aware of adding beneficiaries to our non-retirement accounts. When finished, our assets and expressing our wishes were in a central location to be used by our family members if and when the time comes. Thank you for helping to put our house in order.” 
~ George & Glenna

Every household should have a copy
“What a gem of an idea; a book composed of every important piece of information your life may touch upon that you would want a loved one, perhaps a child, a friend or a relative to be able to find and administer on your behalf should you become ill or incapacitated. Just In Case is organized in a simple, easy to understand format that can be quickly filled out, thus compiling the information you would want a loved one or friend to find or at least know about should that situation ever arise. Wendy Michelle has thoroughly researched every facet of information that may be needed in the event you experience an accident, illness or death that someone acting on your behalf may need. If you’ve ever wanted to organize the most important files and information of your life into one consolidated format so your family could quickly and easily retrieve them on your behalf this book is for you. You’ll be able to list your health and medical info, your financial planning docs, your legal documents, home and auto, life insurance you or what military benefits you may be entitled to and more, she’s even included a section regarding information about your pet(s)!

Every household should have a copy of Wendy Michelle’s book Just in case!” ~ Matt R
Great Book!
“This is a great idea and will be a great resource for my family, just in case… It covers everything and they won’t need a computer password to access this important information.” ~ Caroli
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